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We first met at a tailgating party before the Super Bowl. Not many people would find this first meeting very romantic but it sure was to us. He overheard me talking about how I didn't really like football and only watched the big game for the commercials. He was extremely offended by that and eloquently made his way into my private conversation. The rest of the day was such a blur. All we can remember is that we both could not stop laughing for an entire afternoon. So distracted by our chemistry, we actually missed the game and the commercials altogether. Fate definitely had a plan that day. We both are still amazed that we had the privilege of finding each other's best friend that day. It may be cheesy, but it's true. And it is such a blessing that we are able to spend the rest of our lives together! We cannot wait till we can come home to one another every night and wake up to each other every morning. Let the fairytale begin!