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We know that the destination is a little bit of a drive for some so we've provided a couple options to hopefully assist anyone wanting to try and find a place to stay close by.

We recommend that those who are looking to stay the night somewhere look into booking Air BnB's with a group. We have seen that there are a selection of different options right off CA-41 and Road 632 (Approximately 15 minutes from the venue), as well as all around Oakhurst. This is the most cost effective option as well.

There are also a few different hotel options within the town of Oakhurst (Approximately 20 minutes from the venue).

Please note that some search results will show a Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott in Oakhurst, but to our knowledge that hotel is still under construction and is not projected to be completed until March 2020. However, the deadline for the completion of this hotel has been postponed multiple times already, so please be sure that you verify with someone with Marriott before you book a room from there if it shows that it is available.

Hopefully this helps!